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Let your Purpose Find you and Then Become it


By Sharon Parris-Chambers

You can live life on 'purpose' doing what it is you were born to do. How do you find your purpose, you ask? Well, the first thing you do

is to ask Divine Spirit, "What is my purpose?", "what am I to do, and how?" You will receive your answer.


Listen for it revealing itself in the deepest part of your inner being. Quietly listen for the answer in meditation.

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QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They came through you but not from you and though they are with you, yet they belong not to you." -Kahlil Gibran, Author of 'The Prophet'

The words of Khalil Gibran, nineteenth century Lebanese Poet, is oft quoted around the world and reminds us of the value of our Children. He said They are NOT our children. They are the Sons and Daughters of Life’s Longing FOR ITSELF. That means they are CHILDREN OF THE UNIVERSE. We have a responsibility to guide and protect them. They come through us but are NOT FROM US. Woman you are the Catalyst, the Womb of Creation. We are not to harm these little ones. Fathers you are not to tempt,

Beat and make life difficult for your children. Lift them up, Guide them and let them not be hungry or suffer pain on your account, or on your watch.

Gibran says Our Children Belong NOT to you, but to the UNIVERSE. We do not own our children like chattel, or property. Men you do not own your wives and Wives you do not own you husbands. We are together in this lifetime to honor, serve and protect each other on this journey. As parents, we must develop a style of parenting that is NOT PUNATIVE,  but LOVING. Yes, we can chastise, but we do not have to meter out SEVERE PUNISHMENT where children are physically scarred or mentally scarred. We do not want to be a ‘Cutlass Mother’ or ‘Cutlass Father’. We must NOT look down on children. Children Live what they Learn. What do we want to teach them? They become what we teach.  How qualified are we as teachers? Have some of us not learned from our parents the same name-calling, punishing and punitive behavior that is still in our psyche? We must learn to CLEAR and DELETE ALL SIGNS OF Self-hate, Lack & Limitation, LOW Self-esteem and Negativity so that More Love, Light and Positivity will fill our consciousness.

What happens when you squeeze an Orange? Yes, Orange Juice comes out.

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Prayer is an open channel to the Divine which lives within us.

Paying-Respect-to-uMama-3 Communing with the spirit of Mama Winnie Mandela.

QUOTE OF THE DAY - By Sharon Oshun Parris-Chambres

"Be an active participant in creating positive change in the world. Let every thought be a prayer. Deep within the recesses of your mind, in your Temple of Inner Peace, you can 
commune with your Higher Self and be at peace."

From this place you can manifest your heart's desires.


AFFIRMATION: I am a clear channel for Divine good in the world.

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I Embrace me and Love me (A prayer of Forgiveness)

I Embrace me and Love me (A prayer of Forgiveness)

I Embrace me and Love me (A prayer of Forgiveness)
-Sharon Parris-Chambers

“I embrace me as my authentic self; I look within

I no longer seek ego-gratification

I embrace me and love my reverent self

I am not in denial or fear my greatness

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Tune into Divine Consciousness flowing inside of you.


By Sharon Parris-Chambers

Nothing can stop your flow of Divine good or energy but you. Therefore, find a way under, over or around any obstacle that would upset your Divine energy, peace and balance. You are the master of your destiny. You are the one you have been waiting for. You have Greatness within. Rise to the occasion and accept your Greatness. Let nothing obstruct your flow of Divine good, Divine Intelligence, Divine Greatness. Tune into your Divine flow

Now, if you DO allow obstructions to your Divine flow, then you will feel Dis-ease in your mind, body and spirit. The universal Law is what it is, immutable. Find a way to obey the Universal law and enjoy the blessings of peace, love and happiness all the days of your life.

Universal law is consciousness in the universe manifesting in many forms, you feel it within you as an inner voice, impulse or inner knowing.

Sacred Practice: Find time today to breathe deeply, relax and affirm your Divine Good. For example: "Today, I extend One Love to all Humanity."

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The Abundant flow in the universie is seeking you; just reach out and accept it.



The abundant flow in the universe is seeking you, just reach out and accept it. In doing so you accept yourself as a Divine Force of Creation.

There is no reason why you cannot manifest your destiny, one thought at a time. Reach out and accept the abundant flow, it is seeking you.What ever you are seeking is seeking you. So be careful to focus on positive thoughts.

When you are in your mind you think of lack and limitation. You stifle the good that is seeking you. 

Cancel those negative thoughts, be kind to yourself. Begin again to breathe deeply and re-focus on your true essence of oneness within the universe. You cannot be separated from it, except by fear. 

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Choose to Stop suffering now by shifting your Memory and Imagination to a more positive space


Choose to Stop suffering now by shifting your Memory and Imagination to a more positive space.

-Sharon Parris-Chambers

 Today marks the first day of the rest of your life. Live your life, exert your positive intentions or let Life Live You and exert its Unknown Intentions upon you.

Stop suffering by removing lack and limitation from your mind and imagination. You are what you think about every moment. Vision yourself the way you want to be. Shift - Focus and re-Connect to a new Conscious and Visual image of yourself.

You can actively choose to stop suffering in your mind and imagination NOW! Leave yesterday in the dustbin of eternity. Suffering is NOT a way of life. Cancel, Cancel and Cancel all negative thoughts and Images. Transforming the personality takes time. So be patient. Begin to consciously Cancel negative thoughts and eventually you will become more positive, and harmonious.

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March 21st marks the second day of the spring equinox, a period where night and day are about the same length. 

We celebrate spring - which is marked in the northern hemisphere by the vernal or spring equinox.

Witness flowers blooming, trees blossoming, a feeling of euphoria as we brush the winter blues away. More luminous light is streaming around us.

Let us be reborn today and every day as our I AM presence reaches out to bless every human being on the planet. Let us bloom love, peace and joy as spiritual virtues of balanced human beings.

Take time also to enter into meditation. Focus on receiving celestial light of higher frequencies from the fifth dimension crystalline solar light through the divine universe. This light we will use to open elemental vortices which has been dormant -portals throughout body.

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-By Sharon Parris-Chambers

I AM my I AM presence and I acknowledge this awareness as Divine presence in me right now.

Humanity is entering the Age of Aquarius where harmony, peace and love will be the currency of exchange.

I give thanks for my lineage through which I have entered the planet. We can invoke the light of God to everyone on earth simultaneously. Not just one person, but to seven and a half billion people evolving on the planet. Accepting the changes in the ages, I allow my I AM presence to take charge of transforming my mind and body to enter this celestial period on earth.

Say:  “I invoke the light of God on behalf of myself, my loved ones and all humanity.”

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You are the Master of Your Destiny


Even in your darkest hour you can change your vision, to capture a glimmer of who and what you want to be and do.

Grab hold of that vision, let it permeate you, consume you, breathe you, become you.

Live it every day and do not depart from the vision; then vision will become you and manifest as you.


Affirmation: I Live life in the moment

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By Sharon Parris-Chambers (12/6/2017)

I AM The Eternal I AM. I glide though eternity fully aware of who I AM.

I defy logic. There are not boundaries.

I stand in the doorway of greatness.

I now reach out to push the door and enter into my eternal soul's journey 

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When you are like water, nothing stops your flow.


By Sharon Parris-Chambers

Find a way over, under or around the obstacle, We are energy and vibration at our core. Find a wain around any obstacle

through the vibraton of love. Stay in love , in Divine love, and you will remain fluid, in alignment with the Universe. 

Ideas that you are seeking and solutions to problems offer themselves freely. Let love lead the way.


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By Sharon Oshun Parris-Chambers Author of Living Life as a Sacred Practice"

Eyes open to a new day. 

You see yourself in a new way

Promise that this time you won't sway.

So you Pray and give thanks for a new day.

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By Sharon Parris-Chambers 
Excerpt from New Book: Living Life as a Sacred Practice

Even in your darkest hour you can be the change you vision and capture the glimmer of who and what you want to be and do.
Grab hold of that vision, let it permeate you, consume you, breathe you and become you. Live your vision every day and do not depart from it and the vision will become you. It will eventually manifest as you.

Sacred Meditation: Take 15 – 30 minutes to do this meditation.

Breathe in deeply, exhale and relax. Again. Breathe in deeply, exhale, relax. Become one with your breath. Imagine you as you want to be, as a unique, sacred and conscious being. Using all your senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, now add ESP (extra sensory perception), which is feeling and seeing things before they manifest in the physical space, create a vision of Your Sacred Self.

This image should be so real, so palpable, and it should manifest as you call it into being. This vision must be etched in your consciousness before it manifests in the physical world. This time is for you to express the secret person of the heart as you and to feel the power of oneness with the divine universe. In this space you can manifest your destiny and be who you are meant to be. Go ahead, do not hesitate, do not hold back. Be free to express your Sacred self in your own unique way.

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Great and Weakness Cannot Coexist in the Same Space."

Quote of the Day ~ January 15, 2018

A Divine being, an intelligence of existense, cannot be great and enteratin weakness and fear. That is not the nature of divine beings. It is time to ascend to a higher plane. Divine intelligence calls you forth to expand the boundaries of your mind. As blood courses through your veins know that you can do all things through the intelligence in you.

Begin to practice relying on your innate intelligence as a Divine being, Trust your thoughts & impulses that emenate from your God center.. these are thoughts of love, kindness, honor, compassion, etc.  If the thoughts are weak, shallow, fear or anxiety-based, reject them because their source is not Divine.

An Intelligence of existence is our Divine nature it is resident in us - Awaken your greatness, dare to challenge yourself to come up higher to Divine Mind and where you can do all things. You are a creation of the Divine. You are an Intelligence of creaton all seven trillion plus cells in your body. They know their nature. Do you?

Listen to your Sacred Self and meet your greatness face to face.

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Inspired Thoughts for Wellbeing


Be careful of what you think about all day long. These things find a way into your life almost effortlessly.

Direct your thoughts to reflect on positive things by developing a positive mental attitude. If you are sad, think happy thoughts and change your affect. With every thought you become a creator of your Divine good and manifest your destiny one heartbeat at a time.

Take responsibility for your thoughts; what you place your attention on expands. Change your thoughts and change your life!

Enter into meditation and begin to breathe deeply, relax. Choose one of the following Meditation theme focusing on Wellness:

“Wellness is a holistic way of life that integrates mind, body and spirit.”

“Wellness is being a clear channel for inner peace and love and finding ways to express these virtues.”

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It is Time to Wake Up


It’s Time to Wake Up

It’s time to wake up from our sleep of avoidance of truth.
It’s time to wake up and see with the mind’s eyes.
It’s time to wake up to inner knowing.
It’s time to wake up to peace and harmony.

Be transparent, open, and true
to enhance your view,
your role and what you are to do.
Stop political fighting and tribal warfare
show the world that you care.

Forgive debt and eradicate poverty
wake up to your true nature.
Wake up to a new world order.
Look within and speak to your Maker.

Wake up and feel the power of true reverence.
You will find no need to hurt another.
Turn away from external reference,
then you will find love will take you further.

Wake up and find YOUR link to mankind,
then you will see with clarity
that earthly pursuit of divisive agendas
robs you of inner peace and equal parity.

It’s your birthright.
Wake up to your reverent power and might
you don’t even have to fight.
This time, you don’t need to gripe.

It’s time to come out
breathe out a sign of relief.
Wake up, lift your voice and shout!

Your station in life is not one of grief.
Wake up and let your soul express you,
free you, console you, breathe you, be one with it.
Feel the power of true reverence and freedom!

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Free to be me ~ Self-Determination


"I AM Free to be me”
-Sharon Parris-Chambers

Can you truly say that your limiting beliefs and actions are not holding you back or negatively influencing others?  Today, you can say and believe: “I AM Free to be a conscious being filled with light and love. I AM Free to be me.” “It is time that I find my authentic self and be inner directed, removing myself from group think and the tribe.”

Yes, I am a member of the human race, which is in reality, One Self. Yet, I am uniquely me. I am manifesting my destiny, as the secret person of the heart. I AM Free to be me. I AM manifesting as a new creation.

Sacred Practice: Visualiation

Using Visualization project belief in yourself and your greatness. Sit back, take a deep breath and exhale. Repeat a few times. Now, close your eyes and visualize (picture) yourself as the professional that you want to be or as the person that you want to be. Where you are respected and honored by others for the way you think and act. Go ahead and live your life from the Inside Out. See your success through visualization before manifestation.

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Let life Touch You


Let life Touch You
-By Sharon Parris-Chambers

Let life touch you. Do not build a wall around yourself. You are not an island. A Divine being lives in the moment and learn how to transcend the vicissitudes of life, which ebbs and flows, like the sea. However, you can harness the mind which wanders, gets cluttered with mindless, wasteful thoughts and is sometimes restless.

Take time today to still the mind, which can be done through reflection and meditation. It really is possible. Begin to do this in the mornings before sunrise and at sunset.

In reflection, one does more than just daydream. One thinks on actions and behaviors with a resolve to improve self. Meditation is an attempt to still the thoughts and noise of the mind.  When the mind is still, you will hear and feel the new impulses that appear. You will be guided, answers that you have been seeking will appear seemingly from out of nowhere. 

Sacred Practice:
Sit quietly today during daybreak and again at sunrise. Relax, deep inhale, deep exhale; Relax. Repeat. Light a candle and watch its flame; this is to teach you to focus your eyes.  While looking at the candle, begin now to focus on your quiet rhythmic breathing; Relax. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Do not focus on them. This is your quiet time to empty the mind of its worries, fears and anxieties. After a while, you will begin to feel light, empty and joyful.

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-By Sharon Parris-Chambers

I AM my I AM presence and I acknowledge this awareness as Divine presence in me right now.

Humanity is entering the Age of Aquarius where harmony, peace and love will be the currency of exchange.

I AM one with my lineage and I will name them now silently. Give thanks for your lineage through which you have entered the planet. We can invoke the light of God to everyone on earth simultaneously. Not just one person, but to seven and a half billion people evolving on the planet. Accepting the changes in the ages, I allow my I AM presence to take charge of transforming my mind and body to enter this celestial period on earth.

Say:  “I invoke the light of God on behalf of myself, my loved ones and all humanity.”

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