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Take Wellness out of your Mind by Renewing Your Spirit

Take wellness out of your mind by renewing your Spirit. - Sharon Parris-Chambers The mind is a mental construct which observes and approves our conscious experience. It is broken down into id- ego- superego and these facets, according to psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, help define personality, attitude and behavior. You must go outside of your conscious mind to renew the Spirit. It cannot be done from within the divisions of the human mind. To be well in mind, body and spirit, one must take wellness out of the mind and place it into a spiritual domain, an enlightened place to facilitate the renewal of the Spirit. When this is committed to daily practice fueled with right intention, spiritual renewal will take place. Sacred Practice: Universal Oneness.Begin and end the day totally in alignment with the universe. Let every thought that fire into your consciousness and every Divine action be in harmony with Peace and Love. Do this upon awaking, enter meditation using the sound of creation “AAH (as in Hallelujah) in your sacred place for a minimum of 15 minutes. During the day, actively monitor your thoughts, and in the evening, begin meditation using the “OHM” – the sound of creation for 15 minutes. Then, relax into your being as a peaceful soul. In this state of spiritual wellness, the whole being experiences renewal and transformation. Affirmation: I AM one with the universe.
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Are you Moving from Independence to Interdependence?

LIVING LIFE AS A SACRED PRACTICE DISCUSSION OF CHAPTER: ON SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT Are you Moving from Independence to Interdependence? -Sharon Parris-Chambers Human beings have an independent spirit. This speaks to the universal push from within the Divine being, which seeks to express at the cellular level. In the face of diversity and population explosions in some parts of the world, we maintain our individuality.And although we are members of the global family we nevertheless grow in consciousness and self-awareness. Innately, we are unique and transitioning from independence to interdependence as a necessary rite of passage. We must focus on making the world a better place. This means relying on, working, collaborating and communicating with and Not fighting with each other.We must live in peace and harmony. In this regard our aim is unification of our shared interests and goals as one human family. The African principle Ubuntu teaches “I am because we all are.” This is a great way of showcasing cultural and universal diversity. Let us look for opportunities to celebrate the human family one nation at a time through music, dance, entertainment, poetry, prose, language, literature, debates, colloquium and other shared projects. Let us begin by honoring our own bodies as the temple of the Most High from the cellular level by keeping our house (body) clean, free from negative energies and foreign substances. Honoring our families, our communities, our country; then move outward to sharing the joys of peace, love, respect and unity with humanity. Sacred Practice: Find a quiet space for meditation. Sit quietly, begin to breathe deeply until you are relaxed. Thank your ancestors, your angels, sages and guides for their love and protection. Then, Visualize the earth in front of you as a small ball. Bless the earth with peace and love. See Divine white light surrounding the earth. Hold that intention and vision as long as you can. Then say your individual prayer and end the meditation when you are ready. Affirmation: I AM one with humanity. 
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In-your-hands3 It is in your hands

What you are seeking is seeking you. You already have it in your hands. Feel it, see it, Become it and Live it!

Awaken to your reality. Awaken to the universe speaking to you, coming to your rescue once more. Take notice that Grace has done it again.

You have it in your hands. You have the secret of your genome at your fingertips. It is within you.

Are you listening to the whisperings of Spirit? Are you listening to the Muse or Sage Within: It takes a certain kind of obedience to listen and take heed; to act on what is given or offered. It is a gift so simple and pure. Reach out and accept it.

It is in your hands to hear Spirit speaking to you, to your heart, not your intellect. Go within, Listen and observe. Still the mind and hear the message, the Life-saving Message. It is transformative. It is time to renew, Rechange, rejuvenate, Restore, Revivify your life today!

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Unify the World Around One Love (2)


Unify the World Around One Love
An Excerpt from my book Living Life as a Sacred Practice
Available on publisher website ~
also available through the Author.


Yesterday (April 8) we contemplated Forgiveness and being in a state of unconditional love, which forgives all errors.  We learned about Ho'oponopono, an Hawaiian sacred practice of  using a mantra to eliminate fears, delete and clean errors at the cellular level. The Mantra states:"I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, and Thank you". Today we look at the universal principle of One Love and its impact to change the world one heart at a time. One Love is Jamaica's gift to the world.


When the Great Tempter, the enemy, masquerades as your friend and sends lightning rods of hatred and bigotry your way, gracefully and powerfully just deflect them with the wave of your hand. Your intention is to Send Love and Light to fight your Battles.

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Love Forgives All Errors


CHAPTER: Values to Live by - Forgiveness

Love Forgives All Errors

By  Sharon Parris-Chambers
Excerpt from Book: Living Life as a Sacred Practice
Purchase at: |


There is no forgiveness without genuine love. When we become love, we have the capacity to forgive.

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I Live my dream and sometimes my dream lives me

I Live my dream and sometimes my dream lives me

I Live my dream and sometimes my dream lives me.
- By Sharon Parris-Chambers
Excerpt from Living Life as a Sacred Practice ~

“I am a dreamer who constantly dreams. The dream of Life mocks my reality and pushes me further in search of my awakening.” 

My awakening is the flip side of life sometimes called reality.  The sleep/wake stage outside of this dream state mimics reality.

The following quote from The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran refers to his dreams “And his soul cried out to them, and he said: “Sons of my ancient mother, you riders of the tides, how often have you sailed in my dreams. And now you come in my awakening, which is my deeper dream. Ready am I to go, and my eagerness with sails full set awaits the wind.” (Gibran, 1923)

The Poet awakens from his wishful dream for the mariner’s return. As the ship comes in He sees this as his ‘deeper dream’ and his longing to travel.

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Pacify Your Restless Mind


Pacify Your Restless Mind 
By Sharon Parris-Chambers

“How does one find peace while coexisting with such a restless mind? The answer lies in emptying the mind of useless clutter to find stillness, the Presence of God consciousness.” 

Mind is what it is. A Conduit of impulses, images and feelings transmitted to your conscious self. 

In my book Poetry from the Rose of Sharon: Divine thoughts for Living Well, I wrote:
“Truth seekers who really want to see, to break through the illusion and see with clarity, turn to seeing with the heart. It never lies. It knows the soul’s journey and is your internal spirit guide.” (Parris-Chambers, 2011) This quote takes us into another realm of existence, moving from a mental construct and thinking our way through life to the heart’s core of feeling and knowing from the soul’s perspective.

There is no room for intellectualizing, using your mind to avoid dealing directly with life’s situations. The mind is so overactive, it is always thinking, weaving a tangled web that entraps you.

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When we remain as our intrinsic selves, we stand firmly in our Truth as Divine beings.

When we remain as our intrinsic selves, we stand firmly in our Truth as Divine beings. - Sharon Parris-Chambers The idea of the human being comes under repeated attack by the ego within and without. Who is really being attacked? Is it the Self that is being attacked? Or is it the personality? These parts of the Self are blocking us from a deeper more meaningful experience of the Higher Self. Each perceived problem that arises is replaced by the next, resulting in an endless spiral of so-called problems. These constructs appear to be important, but they are not. Stay in the beingness of who you are as a Presence. When you empty the mind, you will feel a vibration that will replace belief. It is the essence of the Soul also known as the Presence.The mind can become like a lion. Do not let the lion pounce and devour you. Resist the impressions of the mind, the urgings and mindless chatter. Pacify the mind by retreating from it. Stay in the present moment. Can the disguises of the mind offer anything to the heart? Can it offer anything to the Self? The mind must serve the Self. Merge with your Self as a sentient and conscious being. Sacred Practice: Prayer: ‘Rid me of Ego’Divine Spirit of my higher Self, rid me of ego and the feeling of separation. Merge me with you, who are my own Self. And so it is.-Mooji Affirmation: I am my transcendent Self
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Get out of your conscious mind to discover who you truly are.


 “Just for a minute, lose yourself, get out of your conscious mind; then you can discover who you really are.”
By Sharon Parris-Chambers
Excerpt from Book "Living Life as a Sacred Pratice:
Discover yourself as a Source of Creation"
Available on |

It is essential in this fast-paced world that we develop coping mechanisms to slow the ‘monkey mind’ jumping from one thing to another without any closure. Taking time for reflection, meditation and even day-dreaming yields significant results. One must take time for personal retreats.

Spend a day being in and interacting with nature. Sit under a tree or hug a tree, reflect on your feelings and reactions; just be in the moment. You will be rejuvenated and renewed. Use a journal to capture your experiences.

In a past retreat, students were instructed to go out, find a tree, hug it and interact with it in some way. They returned to the group and shared their experiences. A woman with cancer and nerve issues went and sat under a guanabana (soursop tree). It turned out that was exactly the fruit she needed, unknown to her, to treat her ailments. The overall results of this retreat were so profound and insightful that I am encouraged now to ask you to repeat this practice.

Sacred Practice:

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"Stay connected to Chi or Prana through breath consciousness.”


"Stay Connected to Chi or Prana Through Breath Consciousness.”

 By Sharon Parris-Chambers
Available at:

This week we will focus on the Chapter on Breath consciousness in my book new Living Life as a Sacred Practice. I would like to hear from Truth seekers out there. Your comments are important to me.

Chi or Prana is universal breath consciousness.  You connect to it through deep breathing, through your meditations, through your thoughts.  Take in life energy and exhale unwanted feelings the more life energy you take in, the more positive, and healthy you become.

You may receive Chi or Prana energy through hands on application of Reiki healing, Pranic healing and other forms of energy healing. Holistic Massage is a healing system that can harness and apply Chi energy for relaxation and wellbeing.

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Consistent Focus on Daily Sacred Practice Leads to Self-Mastery


What comes to mind when I mention becoming more consistent in ones behaviour? The first thing that comes to mind may be becoming more focused. Consistency follows thought and action.

Living Life as a Sacred Practice and discovering yourself as a source of creation is the key. The sacred practices are grounding mechanisms for centering oneself in truth. Daily meditation, reflection keep you balanced and  grounded. You will be able to step off the merry go round of life. Say 'no mas,' no more to the endless vicissitudes of life.

You can begin your morning rituals of meditation, breathfulness, exercise and journaling daily. You could also extend these at night as well. You are not likely to go off track, when you focus and remain committed.

Connecting with the Muse through daily journaling exercises are invaluable. Choose a topic of your choice, find a comfortable and quiet space. Relax with some deep breathing, select some relaxing music and use a mantra of your choice. Begin to write what springs into your mind first thing in the morning. Do not critique it, just let it flow. You will be amazed at what is revealed. 

When writing like this, do not stop to think, you are in stream of consciousness; do not remove your hand from the paper.  All the editing comes later. Allow the Divine flow to emerge.

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The Power of Self-Control

The Power of Self-Control



The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain
and pleasure use you. If you don’t, life controls you.

- Anthony Robbins

Thoughts of self-control visited me today and pulled me back from uttering sharp and cutting words. I AM grateful for introspective thinking, which prevented me from losing my composure.

Instead, I removed myself from the stimuli, changed my thoughts and attitude. This allowed me to reframe and shift my attention to more positive thoughts and positive deeds. I smile and my attitude changes to a friendlier one. I begin to breathe deeply and soon the freedom of averting a painful confrontation was averted.

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Your Breath is your Constitution for Living


I AM My Breath; It is my Constitution for Living

-Sharon Parris-Chambers

Let us continue the dialogue of Values to live by. Have you developed the awareness that you and your breath are one? I mean using daily pratices to circulate the Qi energy (life source) throught the body for balanced health in mind body and spirit.

These words will resonate with you Repeat this these words "I AM the breath of life, the constitution of the universe. There is nothing closer to me than my breath. I honor it. My breath is my beloved; I am spoken for. There is no other love as true and wonderful. There is no trauma, no drama. There is predictability and reliability. I AM one with creation through the breath of life. And so it is, Ashe.

Sacred Practice:  Fire Breath & Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation. Sitting comfortably with your back straight. Begin to do the ‘Fire Breath’ exercise. It is rapid breathing like a dog panting. Do these 100 times, forcibly. How do you feel? If there is discomfort, stop and relax. As you continue to do this exercise, you will strengthen your lungs enabling it to take in more air. Now, continue with your activities or rest and enjoy this feeling of wellbeing and freedom.

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Live Your Values

Live Your Values

CHAPTER: Values to Live by - Peace

" In a world full of change and uncertainty, do not be afraid, 
retreat to your Temple of Inner Peace for guidance, strength and vision."

-Sharon Parris-Chambers
Excerpt from "Living Life as a Sacred Practice"

The world’s overt and subtle pressures derail us from the path of enlightenment. Confused, we seek material things for validation, all the while struggling to stay afloat.

Stop! Guard against destructive influences.  Take charge of your Temple.

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A Tribute for Women on INternational Women's Day March 8, 2019

(The Divine Feminine as the Matrix of Creation.)
- Sharon Parris-Chambers

I am the Sacred Feminine that was silenced by those who wanted to ascend my throne, to brush me aside into obscurity in the ash heaps of eternity. However, like Isis & Osiris, I gathered my consciousness, other parts and reconnected to my greatness.


I am the Sacred Feminine, the Mother of Creation, the Mother Goddess, I am that I AM, Goddess Eternal. I and my sister Gaia, Mother Earth, are one.

We have ascended to the Throne to love, forgive, honor, respect and teach our mystical truth as the Sage Within, never to be silenced in this generation. We will reveal the feminine nature in males and females awakening the Ying and Yang in every being and their connection to the universe.

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New Spiritual Wellness Book Teaches Sacred Lifestyle Practices


March 5, 2019 (Negril, Jamaica).  Living Life as a Sacred Practice: Discover Yourself as a Source of Creation authored by Sharon Parris-Chambers is now available online at, and  It is the long-awaited second publication since her 2011 book, excerpts of which has been shared with audiences on Social Media over the past year.

There is a buzz surrounding the book reviewed by Queen Mother Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah, author, film maker and former senator who shares her convincing perspectives with discerning readers on the merits of Living Life As a Sacred Practice. She states 
“Thoughtful people who seek answers to the mysteries of living life fully, often turn to books of sacred wisdom and advice. Whether it be the holy books such as the Bible, Koran or books by modern gurus like Iyanla Van Zant, the desire for spiritual guidance occupies a major part of many.  For those who thought such wisdom only came from ancient sages or well-promoted American, European or Asian gurus, it is a welcome surprise to find that our friend, cultural Sister and PR practitioner Sharon Parris-Chambers has given us such an excellent tome of spiritual healing.”

From beginning to end the author seeks to establish an inner vision into spiritual development of the self as a Divine being. The book is beautifully laid out in clear typesetting, with each chapter prepared as a daily teaching complete on its own. The reader has only to turn to a chapter to find an introspective meditation, sacred practice and affirmation to be used as a daily spiritual cleansing and healing ritual. Sample topics such as: “Pacify your restless mind”, “Let the Real you Stand Up,” “I live my Dream,” “Stop Suffering,” and “Insource before you Outsource” can be found and savoured in the way one enjoys a feast. The key to the exercises is journaling, which requires mindfulness meditation. When this is done, it is more likely that something profound will be left with the seeker more than just merely reading passages within the book.

Dr Glenville Ashby, Religion & Culture editor, The Jamaica Gleaner, penned the forward wherein he takes note of the author’s maiden voyage to Africa. “The author returned to her roots in Gambia 2012 which unveiled her calling and sealed her mission as a veritable messenger of Spirit. It is in Gambia that she was grounded and initiated into the innermost mystery. It is there that she drank from the well of the First People and was handed the fabled Philosopher's Stone.”

Living Life as a Sacred Practice: Discover Yourself as a Sacred Practice is a transformational experience that persons seeking spiritual development do not want to miss.

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Claim More Beauty, Bounty and Prosperity in Your Life


I claim the beauty, bounty and prosperity the universe has in store for I and I self.  I am part of a bountiful universe which says all I am seeking is seeking me.

I suffer no lack or limitation; the Source is limitless.  Universal Law is immutable, it is what it is. When you act in accordance you will be rewarded and when you do not you will feel the effects in mind body and spirit. Remain in a state of gratitude and keep the door to your prosperity open.

Spiritual beauty is not skin deep; it is soul deep and found within the confines of the conscious being.
There is no obsession with surface beauty. Bleaching the skin or remaining brainwashed cannot help you. Your true beauty is a natural component of your beingness, experienced one moment at a time. It is not contrived, rather, it blooms out of a rich spirit built on a solid foundation.

Awareness and knowing that you are a spiritual being, a creation of the universe and a child of God is that solid foundation. Understanding your Divine purpose helps you to manifest your destiny.

Daily meditation is a practical way to still the mind and learn more about our greatness within. Make meditation a regular part of your sacred practice and begin to live life as a Source of creation not a piece of creation. Manifest your destiny one breath at a time.

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Mindfulness Meditation is a Misnomer


Mindfulness Meditation is a Misnomer
Living Life as a Sacred Practice: Discover Yourself as a Soure of Creation

By Sharon Parris-Chambers

When you are in your mind no meditation can take place. In fact, until you get out of your mind, you do not stand a chance!

Upon reflection, 'Mindfulness Meditation' therefore is a misnomer and should not be used to describe the bliss of entering into meditation and experiencing the gap between thoughts. The goal is not to be active but effortlessly following the breath into a relaxed state of mind and body.

Can we break away from the jargons and the pretty descriptions for this meditative activity and just let it flow like the river flows to the sea? As the river flows, it always finds its target, so should our meditative process, find bliss.  Its sacred purpose is to experience the emptiness of the Infinite.

The quality of your meditation is dependent on you, what you want out of it, as in experience, not in the sense of a bargain, the time you allow, the thoughts you allow to break through and the environment you choose. We cannot always have quietude when we sit or stand in meditation, so we should practice being still in any situation. With practice, you will enter into meditation easier and without hindrance. Your intention should be clear; you should be relaxed. If you have a smile on your face, then you are ready to drop all your anxieties and just let go.

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Are you Ready to Explore the Inner You?


Are you Ready to Explore the Inner You?
By Sharon Parris-Chambers

When we contemplate the Who am I question, we are answering the soul’s urge to know itself experientially. To know through action and deed. The discussion is not speaking about knowing something or someone. The discussion is focused on knowing who you are as a sacred being. So, when you ask the question “Who am I?” It should trigger a search for the innermost you.

Who you think you are is shaped by your socialization, your environment, your beliefs and parents; it may not represent the true you? Take time daily to explore the inner you. You can never be too busy. After all, when your job, the children and external things are put aside, what remains? You and who you

think you are remains. Are you happy and content? Or are you restless, wishing to have time to explore life and do the things that really excite you. You can stop the speeding train, your life, get off and begin where you are to experience your life, one breath at a time. Find a quiet place. Take a minute, yes, right now. Close your eyes and just breathe. Take deep inhalations and deep exhalations. Relax. Enjoy the feeling of your breath breathing you. Entertain no thoughts at this moment. Just relax into your being. This is mindfulness meditation with the aim of relaxing our mind and body.  

Think about the things that you want to explore but thought you could not make a living at: Traveling the world , maybe as a photographer or photojournalist, travel writer, becoming an artist, art curator, food critic, professional Chef, fashion designer, lecturer, etc.

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Qigong standing pose

Be Grounded in Divine Consciousness : Morning Meditation
Sharon Parris-Chambers


Be rooted, grounded in Divine consiousness or you could be uprooted or washed over by misleading egotistic thoughts and attitudes. This could lead you off the path of positivity and goodness.

Take time to reflect, to be silent. Connect to the Divine Universe and re-charge your batteries. Re-connect to your Divine self. Gain new enery, restore and revitalize your Chi or life foce.

When the Chi (Qi) is flowing effortlessly within, there is a magical alignment with the univese. You are at your best, joy emerges and life is worth living. You are happy.

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