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Connecting with the Sage Within

Oshun-600x400 Oshun on the 7 Mile Beach in Negril

Message of the day. July 6, 2022
You are energy and vibration the stuff the Universe is made of.
You are an expression of Life Itself.
Within you is a Sage seeking to express as you.
Awaken to this Awareness.

Breathe in- Prana, Chi energy to animate your cells.
Open your heart to this message. Be a vibration forget the names
and titles given you.

Return to Your Formless Self.

You are loved, guided, protected.
You come from a Soup Group. There is a guide waiting to help you
through any situation.

Drop your burdens, Be FREE, yes, BE FREE! Try it.
If these words illicit a feeling of freedom from worry, stress and longing
To be the you, You Really, Really want to be.
Say YES in your next breath! YES, I want to be the me, I Really, Really want to be.
To be Carefree, yet love the little girl within, honor my Sage Within and Ancestors.
Love myself truly and be in harmony with ALL creatures.

Yes, this is the REAL me expressing NOW as me.

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