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Be in the Center of the Dance of Consciousness               

mindfullness-meditation3 Be in the Center of the Dance of Consciousness

Be in the Center of the Dance of Consciousness  
Self-Help Training from New book: Living Life as a Sacred Practice
By Sharon Parris-Chambers

Don’t waste time controlling the mind. Use Prana or Chi, the life force, or breath consciousness along with intention and vibration to improve or recognize the truth of who you are. You are made of consciousness and vibration. The stuff that the universe is made of. You are a Creator of your own thoughts and ideas. Mind is subservient to you. Why do you answer to Mind? The very act of answering to Mind lands you in a web of intrigue and sometimes circular thinking.

Learn to surrender your energy to the cosmic vibration. Mooji the mystic says “I turn my face to my Superior Self, rid me of ego and merge my mind anew”. One looks within for inspiration and guidance. Your Divine spirit creates your reality not the physical you.

You are a free spirit breathdancing (TM) your way through life with effortless ease. Do not allow the mist of your mind to divert you from your Divine mission and to forget who you truly are.

Stay on purpose and manifest your destiny as a Divine being having an earthly experience.

Sacred Practice:

Sit quietly and relax the mind, Breathe deeply and exhale. Use Pranayama to relax into a deep meditation.

An aspect of Pranayama - Alternative nostril breathing is called Nadhi sodhana, this can be done either seated or lying down. To start, empty all the air from your lungs. Using the thumb of your dominant hand, block your right nostril and inhale through your left nostril only. Be  sure to inhale into your belly, not your chest. Once you are full of breath, seal your left nostril with the ring finger of the same hand, keeping your right nostril closed, and hold the breath for a moment. Then release your thumb and exhale through your right nostril only. Be sure to exhale all the breath out of the right side and pause before inhaling again through the same side. Seal both nostrils once you’ve inhaled on the right side and exhaled through the left side. A complete cycle of breath includes an inhalation and exhalation through both nostrils. If you’re just starting out, you can do a four-count inhale, holding your breath for four to eight counts, then exhale for four counts. Perform up to ten cycles and notice how your body responds. You may feel more relaxed and calm in both your mind and body. Excerpt from

Affirmation: My breath is my life force; it is my beloved.

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