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Stay connected to Chi or Prana through breath consciousness; shallow breathing is the source of fear, anxiety, and negativity in the world

THE FOLLOWING IS A CHAPTER ON BREATH CONSCIOUSNESS FROM MY NEW BOOK: "Living Life as a Sacred Practice" to be published & distributed to Bookstores in January 2018.

Chi or Prana is universal breath consciousness. You connect to it through deep breathing, through your meditations, through your thoughts. Take in life energy and exhale stale air. The more life energy you take in, the more positive, and healthy you will be.

PRACTICE: When you reinforce your sacred life practice daily, you manifest your destiny and enter into Paradise.  Choose the right time to mediate daily. Follow up at that time every day and evening. Find yourself into a quiet space and start breathing deeply. Take cleansing breaths, Deep Deep breaths that brings in the Life Energy; use that life energy to create your world, not of fear, but positivity, success and prosperity.



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Are you Moving from Independence to interdependence?

Human beings have an independent spirit, oft times it is not aligned with anything or anyone, rather seeking its own path. This speaks to the universal push from within, our Divinity, which seeks to express at the cellular level. In the twenty-first century, we have witnessed great diversity with 7.5 billion beings on the planet. Diversity is the currency of our modern world.

As we move through developmental stages, we reach levels of consciousness that pushes us to think and act differently. Therefore, moving from independence to interdependence could be seen as a natural rite of passage. When we arrive at the stage of making our mark and leaving a legacy on the planet, our focus should be on how our interdependence can make the world a better place. This means relying on, working, collaborating and communicating with, Not fighting with each other, but living in peace and harmony.

In this regard our aim is unification of our shared interests and goals as one human family. This is a great way of showcasing cultural and universal diversity. Let us look for opportunities to celebrate the human family one nation at a time through music, dance, entertainment, poetry, prose, language, literature, debates, colloquium and other shared projects.

Let us begin by honouring our own bodies as the temple of the Most High from the cellular level by keeping our house (body) clean from negative energies and foreign substances, honouring our families, our communities, our country, then move outward to sharing the joys of peace, love, respect and unity with humanity.

PRACTICE: Find a quiet space for meditation. Sit quietly, begin to breathe deeply until you are relaxed. Thank your ancestors, your angels, sages and guides for their love and protection. Then, Visualize the earth in front of you as a small ball. Bless the earth with peace and love, see Divine white light surrounding the earth. Hold that intention and vision as long as you can. Then say your individual prayer and end the meditation.

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Live Life as though you were given a second chance to manifest your destiny

COMMENTARY: Have you ever come face to face with something or someone who would take your life away? How did you feel afterwards? Did you feel as though you had a Second Chance at life?

Have you ever been face to face with a life or death decision? What do you do? Do you have support systems that you can rely on or are you going it alone? These are important questions to contemplate during your quiet reflection times that you set aside.

Live in the Now, do not waste any time living in the past. Every moment and every thought represents your life. Live life one moment at a time. Do not be tempted to multi-task your life. Slow down, breathe and learn to relax into life. Live in the Now. Take time to reflect on where your life is taking you or where you are going in life. When you take time to reflect on your life, you will enjoy an improved quality life and happiness will find you.

Life offers no guarantees. It requires that you live in accordance with universal laws that honor your body temple and Mother Earth (the environment). You live 24/7 in your body. So it is important to take care of your body (house). Get your regular annual medical checks. Eat ethical raw foods & drink clean, spring water as often as possible. Detox the body system regularly and exercise.

Your commitment to live the conscious and holistic lifestyle in the NOW is all there is.

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Who am I?

Sages, mystics, bards, philosophers, poets and truth-seekers the world over have explored the inner person of the heart to find the answer: “Who am I? 

Today, I ask you to explore the same question without putting it off for another time. The time is now to know who you truly are. Sometimes the inner person or the inner sage is illusive. You must persist and you will find that which you seek. The experience is not a One-off adventure. It is a daily exploration of quiet reflection and seeking. If you persist, you will find all the answers that you seek.

Who am I? Spirit animates me and I awaken to my divine potentiality.

PRACTICE: Sit in a quiet place, begin to settle yourself. If questions arise in your mind, say “I will deal with these later.” Take a deep breath, exhale. Repeat as often as you need until you are relaxed. Now, begin to follow your breath until you are one with it. Try not to sleep during this time. Introduce your question and allow the answers to come forward as impulses or clear responses within your being. Listen to that still small voice or the loud response that you have been waiting for. Accept these spiritual gifts and give thanks silently. Continue to ask other questions, or just relax into your being as a wave, a vibration.

AFFIRMATION:  I AM a being of limitless potentiality.

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Let Peace and Love be your companions lighting your path in a world of darkness

Live life from the inside out. Find your greatness within. You cannot find your dharma or your purpose looking outside of yourself. In fact, there is no solution to your problems that can be found in the world.

 PRACTICE: Find your greatness within by retreating to your Temple of Inner Peace. Engage in quiet and mindful meditation as you are inner directed to do.

 AFFIRMATION: I am the light of the world

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The Ascension Of The Sacred Feminine


I am the Sacred Feminine that was silenced by those who wanted to ascend to my throne, to brush me aside into obscurity in the ash heaps of eternity. However, like Isis & Osiris, I gathered my consciousness, other parts and reconnected to my greatness.

I am the Sacred Feminine, the Mother of Creation, the Mother Goddess, I am that I AM, Goddess Eternal. I and my sister Gaia, Mother Earth, are one, we have ascended to the Throne of our being to love, to forgive, to honor, respect and teach our mystical truth as the Sage Within, never to be silenced in this generation. We will reveal the feminine nature in males and females awakening the Ying and Yang in every being and their contentedness to the universe.

We will use nature’s electromagnetic force, the energetic field to reconnect to humanity and all beings. We are ready to express our magical arts to speak, think and move at the speed of light, that’s right, my sisters! We are entering into Mach time, vibrating at the speed of light and love. We are Love, we are Peace; we are the womb of creation.

Repeat after me, “I AM Love, I AM Peace, I AM the Womb of Creation, I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM."

Connecting with your Goddess Self you ascend to your Divine throne, assuming your rightful place in eternity. Never will you be looked down on, stamped down, thrown out of churches, bibles, sacred texts, dishonored, placed behind men, hidden from yourself and other female Goddesses. Those who seek and have sought to hide you are being removed, uprooted and silenced.

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"When you obstruct the flow of Divine Law of the Universe, you will feel its effect in mind, body and spirit”.

Nothing can stop your flow of divine good or energy but you. Therefore, find a way under, over or around any obstacle that would upset your divine energy, peace and balance. You are the master of your destiny. You are the one you have been waiting for. You have Greatness within. Rise to the occasion and accept your Greatness. Let nothing obstruct your flow of Divine good, Divine Intelligence, Divine Greatness.

Now, if you do allow obstructions to your Divine flow, then you will feel Dis-ease in your

mind, body and spirit. The universal Law is what it is, immutable. Find a way to obey the Universal law and enjoy the blessings of peace, love and happiness all the days of your life.

PRACTICE: Find time today to breathe deeply, relax and affirm your Divine Good. For example: "Today, I extend One Love to all Humanity."

Take a minimum of 5 -15 mins. and relax into your breath. Breathe in – Brief Hold – Breathe Out. Repeat. Again. You will receive some benefits in mind - body and spirit as you continue to sit in quiet meditation with the goal of quieting your mind. Say “This is my quiet time, I will deal with all emergencies later.”

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“Live in the Now with every breath you take”


Each day when I awake, I realize that that today is the first day of the rest of my life. It gives me a renewed sense of hope?

When I live in the now my life expresses me and I awaken to my reality, one thought at a time.

I remember that there is no time for lamenting. Life is calling us to express our greatest potential with every breath we take.

Having practiced Traffic Control of the mind as taught by the Brahma Kumaris, I have found it to be a powerful self-management tool to harness the mind and to keep it focused.

Overtime, I have found the technique to be relevant and effective in focusing my thoughts and actions. I would like us to practice it together now.

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“I AM an absolute unique being living, loving and expressing my Divinity on this planet.”

As you develop your spiritualism, love and trust yourself, you begin to believe what I am about to say:
There is no other being like me in the universe. I AM love and love's Divine expression.

Life lives me as a microcosm of the universe, vibrating and expressing its desires to interpret and reinterpret itself through me. I AM a channel of Love and Light.

I relax in

awareness that the universe lives me and I am one with the Divine universe. I free my mind from day to day worries and concerns so that solutions and expressions of goodness shows up easily and effortlessly into my life.

PRACTICE:  I practice daily the Law of Least Effort by visualizing that which I want to enter into my life. I go into a quiet zone and visualize what I wish to manifest. Doing this regularly, creates a shift from the unmanifest (unconscious) to manifest (conscious) states. 

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