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Live today as a precious gift which brings joy to your heart and others.


Sometimes we overlook the real purpose of life. In fact, life calls us to experience our purpose one day at a time. Each tomorrow changes its name to Today, and finds you in conscious awareness living one day at a time. Keep your focus on breath consciousness, never on fear, but on this moment, knowing that all your needs will be met as you have ordained it. Allow life’s simple pleasures to bring a smile to your face; awaken your joy and passion for living. 

We are living in times when some who have everything are experiencing times of loss and those who have nothing find great gains. The natural laws of the Universe create balance. The polarities we have become used to: rich and poor, black and white, happy and sad are melting away. These are man-made creations that do not stand up to the timeless and ethical standards of universal consciousness.

Do not let material things cloud your vision. Material things do not bring happiness. Enjoy the beauty of a morning sunrise and an evening sunset. A swim in the azure blue ocean. Enjoy the embrace of a loved one. Or the sound a children’s laughter. If you have removed yourself from the very elemental essence of life, you are not living in the present and have shut out your present moment joy.

Practice: Sit quietly today during daybreak and again at sunrise. Relax, deep inhale, deep exhale; Relax. Repeat. Light a candle and watch its flame; this is to teach you to focus your eyes.  While looking at the candle, begin now to focus on your quiet rhythmic breathing; Relax. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Do not focus on them. This is your quiet time to empty the mind of its worries, fears and anxieties. After a while, you will begin to feel light, empty and joyful.

Do this every day for 30 days and record your experiences. Breakthrough ideas for projects and brilliant ideas will surface into your consciousness. Continue daily reflection and meditation and you will notice your life begin to transform into the life which you have always dreamed.

Regular Meditation is a necessary part of your journey, so open up and Let Life Touch You!

Affirmation: I live life one day at a time


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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

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