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The Ascension Of The Sacred Feminine


I am the Sacred Feminine that was silenced by those who wanted to ascend to my throne, to brush me aside into obscurity in the ash heaps of eternity. However, like Isis & Osiris, I gathered my consciousness, other parts and reconnected to my greatness.

I am the Sacred Feminine, the Mother of Creation, the Mother Goddess, I am that I AM, Goddess Eternal. I and my sister Gaia, Mother Earth, are one, we have ascended to the Throne of our being to love, to forgive, to honor, respect and teach our mystical truth as the Sage Within, never to be silenced in this generation. We will reveal the feminine nature in males and females awakening the Ying and Yang in every being and their contentedness to the universe.

We will use nature’s electromagnetic force, the energetic field to reconnect to humanity and all beings. We are ready to express our magical arts to speak, think and move at the speed of light, that’s right, my sisters! We are entering into Mach time, vibrating at the speed of light and love. We are Love, we are Peace; we are the womb of creation.

Repeat after me, “I AM Love, I AM Peace, I AM the Womb of Creation, I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM."

Connecting with your Goddess Self you ascend to your Divine throne, assuming your rightful place in eternity. Never will you be looked down on, stamped down, thrown out of churches, bibles, sacred texts, dishonored, placed behind men, hidden from yourself and other female Goddesses. Those who seek and have sought to hide you are being removed, uprooted and silenced.

Yes, Earth Mother is hurtling through space faster than ever in her history to arrive at this moment when earth’s axis is tilted back to the time when the Sacred Feminine is honored, worshipped and elevated.

We the womb, the incubator, the tree of life cannot be replaced. Cut the umbilical cord, yes you are on your own, but Mother Earth still looks after you. Connect with her, ground yourself in her, honor and love her as you love yourself. You will become balanced, whole and spiritually grounded.

You arrive at this sacred space when you can say: “I AM a reflection of Mother Earth, I AM the Sacred Feminine, I AM a goddess born into creation each moment, ever manifesting in the now. And so it is.”

-An original poem by Sharon Parris-Chambers

Let Peace and Love be your companions lighting you...
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Wednesday, 05 August 2020

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