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Who am I?

Sages, mystics, bards, philosophers, poets and truth-seekers the world over have explored the inner person of the heart to find the answer: “Who am I? 

Today, I ask you to explore the same question without putting it off for another time. The time is now to know who you truly are. Sometimes the inner person or the inner sage is illusive. You must persist and you will find that which you seek. The experience is not a One-off adventure. It is a daily exploration of quiet reflection and seeking. If you persist, you will find all the answers that you seek.

Who am I? Spirit animates me and I awaken to my divine potentiality.

PRACTICE: Sit in a quiet place, begin to settle yourself. If questions arise in your mind, say “I will deal with these later.” Take a deep breath, exhale. Repeat as often as you need until you are relaxed. Now, begin to follow your breath until you are one with it. Try not to sleep during this time. Introduce your question and allow the answers to come forward as impulses or clear responses within your being. Listen to that still small voice or the loud response that you have been waiting for. Accept these spiritual gifts and give thanks silently. Continue to ask other questions, or just relax into your being as a wave, a vibration.

AFFIRMATION:  I AM a being of limitless potentiality.

Live Life as though you were given a second chance...
Let Peace and Love be your companions lighting you...


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Wednesday, 05 August 2020

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