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Moving from a point of No Return to Enlightenment


Moving from a Point of No Return to Enlightenment
A New Year Message for 2021

By Sharon Oshun Parris-Chambers

When you are feeling as if you are at a point of no return. Breathe deeply and Reset
your consciousness. Your return must be found. Cancel negative thoughts and images.

You are unfathomable, you are invincible and eternal.

Like the Phoenix, your return is magical, returning from dust to life.

Don’t count yourself out. You are not finished. Breathe in new life, energy and vitality.

Now, vision a new reality. Choose life not just barely living. Choose to

Live life to the fullest without fear. Live life with Gusto with a full

Surge. This way you will know that you are really living life on purpose.

Find your purpose today and every day.

Enter the gap, ask your question, thank your sages and ancestors.
Remain in quietude to receive your answers.

You will learn your Dharma, purpose for living, and live it each day.  

You will move from experiencing feelings of lack and limitation to feeling the                            

Fullness of life as a sentient being, who is conscious, loving and enlightened.


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