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March 21st marks the second day of the spring equinox, a period where night and day are about the same length. 

We celebrate spring - which is marked in the northern hemisphere by the vernal or spring equinox.

Witness flowers blooming, trees blossoming, a feeling of euphoria as we brush the winter blues away. More luminous light is streaming around us.

Let us be reborn today and every day as our I AM presence reaches out to bless every human being on the planet. Let us bloom love, peace and joy as spiritual virtues of balanced human beings.

Take time also to enter into meditation. Focus on receiving celestial light of higher frequencies from the fifth dimension crystalline solar light through the divine universe. This light we will use to open elemental vortices which has been dormant -portals throughout body.

This Divine light energy will provide renewed elements to vibrant health, renew the fountain of youth, leading to limitless earthly protection in our earthly bodies.

Elemental vortices or chakras produce a positive effect on our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies and will pave the way of the integration of our I AM Presence.


Inhale and Exhale in tune with the divine universe – become one with the universe and one with the I AM Presence in every being on earth.

See the swirling vortexes of Divine light shining like the sun.  Each one to nourish, refresh one of the five elements in my earthly body.

  1. Crown Chakra. Above my head. Breathe Fire Breath ( A rapid yogic panting breath generated from the diaphragm) into the center. Blazing like the sun.

             Mantra: “I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM”. The Crown Chakra awakens and fully activates.

  1. Throat chakra. Breath into center of air vortex – expanding like the sun. Affirm :

           “I AM the breath of the Divine spirit, I AM the breath of the Divine spirit, I AM the breath of the Divine spirit.” Awaken and fully

           activate this vortex.

  1. Fire vortex – sternum center of chest, Affirm: “I AM the fire breath of the almighty”, I AM the fire breath of the Almighty: (3 times). The sternum chakra awaken and fully activates.

  2.  Water vortex – root chakra base of spine. Breathe into center of vortex – expanding like the sun. Affirm: “I AM the harmony of my true being’ the root chakra awaken and fully activates.

  3.  Earth vortex – base of my feet…affirm “ i am the master of my physical reality.” The feet chakra awaken and fully activates. 

    Continue to sit in quiet meditation and write your experiences in your journal.

For more details of this exercise go to “awaken our dormant and elemental vortices”.

Be the light of the world. And so it is.

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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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