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Inspired Thoughts for Wellbeing


Be careful of what you think about all day long. These things find a way into your life almost effortlessly.

Direct your thoughts to reflect on positive things by developing a positive mental attitude. If you are sad, think happy thoughts and change your affect. With every thought you become a creator of your Divine good and manifest your destiny one heartbeat at a time.

Take responsibility for your thoughts; what you place your attention on expands. Change your thoughts and change your life!

Enter into meditation and begin to breathe deeply, relax. Choose one of the following Meditation theme focusing on Wellness:

“Wellness is a holistic way of life that integrates mind, body and spirit.”

“Wellness is being a clear channel for inner peace and love and finding ways to express these virtues.”

“Wellness is having a positive mental attitude inside to face negative pressures outside.”

“Wellness is seeing yourself as a hologram of humanity.”

“Wellness is staying on top of the world; focusing on values of peace, love and laughter.”

Affirmation: I am one with the Divine Universe.

Great and Weakness Cannot Coexist in the Same Spac...
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