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Let life Touch You


Let life Touch You
-By Sharon Parris-Chambers

Let life touch you. Do not build a wall around yourself. You are not an island. A Divine being lives in the moment and learn how to transcend the vicissitudes of life, which ebbs and flows, like the sea. However, you can harness the mind which wanders, gets cluttered with mindless, wasteful thoughts and is sometimes restless.

Take time today to still the mind, which can be done through reflection and meditation. It really is possible. Begin to do this in the mornings before sunrise and at sunset.

In reflection, one does more than just daydream. One thinks on actions and behaviors with a resolve to improve self. Meditation is an attempt to still the thoughts and noise of the mind.  When the mind is still, you will hear and feel the new impulses that appear. You will be guided, answers that you have been seeking will appear seemingly from out of nowhere. 

Sacred Practice:
Sit quietly today during daybreak and again at sunrise. Relax, deep inhale, deep exhale; Relax. Repeat. Light a candle and watch its flame; this is to teach you to focus your eyes.  While looking at the candle, begin now to focus on your quiet rhythmic breathing; Relax. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Do not focus on them. This is your quiet time to empty the mind of its worries, fears and anxieties. After a while, you will begin to feel light, empty and joyful.

Do this every day for 30 days and record your experiences. Breakthrough ideas for projects and brilliant ideas will surface into your consciousness. Continue daily reflection and meditation, then watch your life begin to transform into the life which you have always dreamed.

Regular Meditation is a necessary part of your journey, so open up and Let Life Touch You!

Affirmation: I love the life I live and I live the life I love.

Free to be me ~ Self-Determination


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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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