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Choose to Stop Suffering now by Shifting your Memory and Imagination to a more Positive Space.


Choose to Stop suffering now by shifting your Memory and Imagination to a more positive space.

By: Sharon Parris-Chambers

Today marks the first day of the rest of your life Live your life, exert your positive intentions or Let life live you and exert its unknown intentions upon you.

Stop suffering by removing lack and limitation from your mind and imagination You are what you think about every moment.  Vision yourself the way you want to be Shift - Focus and re-Connect to a new Conscious and Visual image of yourself

You can actively choose to stop suffering in your mind and imagination NOW! Leave yesterday in the dustbin of eternity. Suffering is NOT a way of life, Cancel, Cancel and Cancel all negative thoughts and Images. Transforming the personality takes time So be patient. Begin to consciously Cancel negative thoughts and eventually you will become more positive, and harmonious.

Choose today to Live your life or Let Life Live you.

Sacred Practice: 

Stand in front of the mirror and speak to your mirror image Cross your hands over your heart and look into your eyes Say: “I love me and I honor me.” “I will never allow anyone to hurt or abuse me.” “I will never give up on me.” “I love my life and enjoy being alive.”

Then turn it around as if you are the Coach speaking and say: “I love you and I honor you.” “I will never allow anyone to hurt or abuse you.” I will never give up on you.” Love the life you live and enjoy yourself.” Smile and visualize the feeling of being loved by your parents, friends and family Enjoy these vibrations Repeat as often as necessary.

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Affirmation: I choose to Live Life to the Fullest!


Embrace your Spiritual Journey: Moving from Person...
Live Life of Let Life Live You


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