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Live Life of Let Life Live You


Live Life or Let Life Live You is a profound statement for contemplation. As you contemplate it today, remember that you have powers beyond belief. You need only believe that and know how to access your Goddess of Godhead inherent power.

Sadhguru, a mystic from India and founder of Isha Foundation, puts it this way: "If you do not know how to address the most serious aspects of life lightly, life will sit heavy upon your heart."

The mystic is asking you to find the bliss in life, one moment at a time. The gestault of life is found moment by moment. Do not burden yourself with problems, these are only temporary. Retreat to your inner temple to find the answers and let the Divine Universe reveal the answers to you effortlessly.

Live, Laugh, and Love your way through life and let the life's blissful moments take your breath away.

-Sharon Parris-Chambers

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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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