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Embrace your Spiritual Journey: Moving from Person to Presence



“Embrace your Spiritual Journey: Moving from Person to Presence.”

Your I AM presence is always with you in this consciousness. It is aware  of all things. Trust your I AM presence to guide you through your physical existence and you cannot go wrong. Now, if you do not do that and rely on your circular mind (intellect) or other people’s knowledge, doxology, theories or postulates to guide your through life you can expect any outcome. The mind issues random thoughts. If you follow some of your unfounded thoughts, you can be confounded. Keep the focus on the present moment and Presence, that entity that watches, the Witness.

However, when you live from your own inner temple as a creator, you become life and life revolves around you. You no longer live life, you BECOME life, a microcosm of the Divine universe. What is real and what is perceived is of great importance here. Without you, there would be no world to experience. Your mental record of the world is particular to you. Ground yourself in truth from an existential basis. That basis would be from the Witness or Presence, the source of the I AM.

When you focus on the Presence, you move from the individual experience of Self to the experience of Oneness with the Divine universe, you become life. You do not settle for living life.

Affirmation: I am life and I experience it to the fullest.

Note: Watch this space for updates on my book under production: "Living Life as a Sacred Practice: Discover yourself as a Source of Creation."


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