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Peace is more than an absence of War, it is the innate state of a conscious Human Being.



Peace is more than an absence of War, it is the innate state of a conscious Human Being.

-Sharon Parris-Chambers ~ Book Available at:

We all long for peace in the world. Everyday there are images on the TV screen that impress on the screen of our minds that this is a dangerous world. Images of crime, death and dying, war, report of wars and weapons stockpiling on the nightly news.

Do not allow the excesses shared by the media daily to shake your composure. Allow what we know deep in the recesses of our soul to surface. There is an innate peace that pacifies the soul.

What if millions of people begin to do this? Do you believe we could positively impact the world with a different story?

There is a likelihood that we could begin to hear, feel, see images of beauty, kindness and experience more peaceful interactions as human beings, when we begin to live from our heart center and not from a fearful mind. This would erase the negative mental images. How much longer will we continue to absorb this negativity before we say, “No More!” Then, reach for the remote control and turn off the TV.

The words of Thomas Paine, published in the American Crisis, “these are the times that try men's souls,” ring true today as it did back in 1776. However, if we stop and take a survey right now of where you live. You would find that in your inner core, your Temple, is your place to retreat from the world’s man-made crises.

Take some time now to retreat to your Inner Temple, where there is quietude. There you will find your natural mindscape to paint pictures on the canvas of your mind, refreshing waters to cool your body and your thirst. Flora and fauna of the most exotic types. The soulscape is an untouched reservoir of primeval images, sounds and impressions tapped only in our dreams. There is no fear here, only the deep, deep peace that resounds, lulls and pacifies the soul. Retreat to your soulscape and find the hidden you.

Sacred Practice:  Take the next 30 minutes to relax your body by taking some deep breaths. Go deep within. Follow your breath. Take strong even breaths, relax after each one. Welcome the godhead or goddess of your being and say you are ready to explore the spiritual you. Allow your inner vision to take over your physical faculties and explore the hidden you. Ask questions and listen for the answers which will arise in you as a SENSATION, feeling, voice, image or impression. Make a point to write in your journal when you return from your adventure.

Affirmation: My peace flows within me like the river to the sea.


I Believe in Me and My Potentiality
I See with my Heart not the Eye of Illusion


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