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I Believe in Me and My Potentiality


Values to Live by - I Believe in Me

I Believe in Me and My Potentiality

Living Life as a Sacred Practice
By Sharon Parris-Chambers

Using the first person to express your consciousness is very empowering. You can use “I Believe in Me” as a tool for transformation. I believe in me and its manifestations are seen in my thoughts and actions. Yes, my attitude reflects who I AM. It reflects my belief in my skills and talents and goes one step further. The manifestation of my hopes, dreams and visions is played out in how I live my life, what I choose as my career, the people I surround myself with and ultimately my prosperity.

Learning to believe in yourself and your potentiality is the key to your success. Step out in trust and faith that the universe is working to guarantee your success.

Go for the gold! Don’t look back. You are reaching forward to unchartered territory and this is good. You are growing spiritually and manifesting your destiny. When you step out on faith, you dig deep within and say, “I believe in Me!” 

A successful outcome is assured.


Sacred Practice: Visualization Before Manifestation.

Using Visualization, project belief in yourself and your greatness. Sit back, take a deep breath and exhale forcefully. Repeat a few times. Now, close your eyes and visualize

(picture) yourself as the professional that you want to be or as the person that you want to be. Where you are respected and honored by others for the way you think and act. Go ahead and live your life from the Inside Out. See your success through visualization before manifestation.

Record your visualization in your diary.

Affirmation“I believe in me and my potentiality. I AM not afraid of my greatness.”


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