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Are You Open to Divine Flow of Consciousness?


Excerpt from "Living Life as A Sacred Practice"
By Sharon Parris-Chambers
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You are entitled to your private moments with Divine Spirit. Many years ago, while attending the Whole Life Expo in Atlanta, GA, 1998, I met Neale Donald  Walsch, the author of the book series, Conversations with God. What a privilege to have conversations with God; don’t we all have these conversations? He said I can also have these experiences. He mentioned his openness to Divine source as key to his mystical experiences and the source of his authorship.

Are you open to God’s expressions in your life? Can you feel and interpret divine vibration? It is one of peace and love. Listen. Be obedient and allow it to speak to you. As you continue to allow the Divine in your life, you will experience a conscious shift in your being. You will develop the desire to continue  to express goodness in your own way, as did Neale Donald Walsch who asked many pertinent questions in his work. He shared his experiences with the world.

Let’s explore some of these questions: What is your truth? With whom are you sharing it? What is your life’s  purpose? Is God speaking in and through you or, are you allowing the world to edit your Divine f low. Is the world taking you for a puppet, turning you and twisting you around? Or, are you standing on solid ground, open to the f low of Divine consciousness? Are you allowing Divine Spirit to animate you with every breath and to manifest in your life?

It is time to come back to Love as our Constant Source of Divine Good. Every day is a glorious day as you learn to receive and give this vibration of Love to those around you. Most important is your ability to love yourself unconditionally.

Sacred Practice:

Sit in quiet meditation or reflection, allowing no thought interference for 15-30 minutes. Remain calm and quiet, open to the sensory and vibratory sensations of your body.

Bask in quietude. Write your experience in your journal. Affirmation:

I Allow Thoughts of Goodness, Beauty, and Peace to fill my Mind…and

My Life is Filled with Goodness, Beauty, and Peace. (Heraldess Adama Alaji ~

I speak, think, act with humility and self-control
I Believe in Me and My Potentiality


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