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Tune in to Divine Spirit, an ever-ready and ever-present source


Tune in to Divine Spirit, an Ever-ready and Ever-present Source
                  By -Sharon Parris-Chambers

                  An excerpt from "Living Life as a Sacred Practice"
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There is no barrier to Divine Love and Light. You can access these frequencies right now. Open your heart and Enter.

Remove the barriers of hate, fear, protectionism, anger, anxiety and racial divisions. Accept each human being as your friend, brother and sister. We belong to the human family, one race. We are homo sapiens. However, when the third eye is open, these divisions melt away; only a oneness remains. The key is to access awareness of who you really are, your power and purpose. This should take precedence over material wealth. All things are added when we first seek the Kingdom of knowledge and become aware of the Divine Self. Take a moment to process this admonition from the Holy Bible Scriptures (Matthew 6:33): “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (English Standard Version)

Where is the kingdom? Prevailing thought leaders in the metaphysical science identify the Kingdom as a transcendental, pure state of mind. The inner core of the human being has never been fully explored. There is no complexity, just fear of the unknown. This fear is akin to exploration of the arctic space and the depths of the ocean.

Now, there is a sustained effort to explore outer regions of space. This same push is happening in our inner core, the spiritual self. Open your heart and consciousness to what you really are: of mind, body and spirit.

Practice accessing the ‘Kingdom’ daily. Take time morning and evening to unwind. It is critical to do this during these times of fear, discord, racism, bigotry and wars. These expressions do not come from Gaia - Earth Mother - but from fear-based energy systems. There is great need to rebalance earth to experience the peace and harmony of this New Age of Aquarius.

The old paradigms are falling away. Look – open your eyes. Look at the responses of people the world over to racial profiling and racial discrimination. In the USA, citizens are fighting for protection of freedom of speech and worship. They are fighting to protect the First and Second Amendments. There is a groundswell of social and political consciousness that is challenging the Old Order. It is a global movement, like no other.

The Shift, a movie conceived by Dr Wayne Dyer, is taking place now. We must open our Third Eye. We are called to fulfill our divine responsibilities and advance the agenda of Spirit. All creation must come into harmony with Universal Law for earth to be realigned and recalibrated from the polarizing forces of hate, fear, war and crime. We must work together to salvage earth. We owe it to ourselves and progeny. We owe it to Gaia, Earth Mother, our Mother.

Sacred Practice: Divine Healing Breaths.

Sit in meditation daily for 15 to 30 minutes. Inhale and exhale, relax. Choose a short phrase or mantra (“I am a clear channel for Divine good”) to direct your thoughts.

Keeping the breath even:

1) Breathe in and hold for count of 12
2) Exhale for count of 12. 
3)  Breathe in and hold for count of 12.
4) Exhale for count of 12. 
Repeat this cycle 10 times. Relax at the end of all ten (10) cycles.

Journal your experiences.


I am a Potent Powerhouse of Potentiality; I can access Divine Spirit with each breath.


See the beauty in all beings and you see the beaut...
“I AM a Divine Being transmitting Divine Love.”


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