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 True joy is achieved living one day at a time


-Sharon Parris-Chambers

A well-known and beloved modern Guru of our time, Sadghuru Jaggi Vasudev, speaks on the subject of bliss: “Fear, anger, resentment and stress are poisons you create in your mind. If you take charge of your mind you can create a chemistry of blissfulness.”

Joy is an experiential value so let us experience it instead of speaking about it. Let joy become you, overwhelm you, so that you remain in a state of blissfulness. In this way, you bring harmony to your mind, body and spirit. Living in this state, you prevent disease and discomfort from infecting your own being. You attract persons of like kind and impact humanity through sending out your blissful vibrations.

Sacred Practice: Create a space where you are free from worry and daily concerns. Relax and enjoy the feeling of weightlessness, freedom and happiness. Now, take a few deep breaths. Visualize yourself in your favorite place to relax - a meadow, river or a garden. See yourself happy, carefree and enjoying each moment. Visualize yourself in this scenario and internalize these words: 

I am happy and carefree, enjoying this moment in time by the river. The water is clear and cool on this hot summer day. I feel like jumping in, but I will start by putting my feet in first. Aaah, that feels nice, its heavenly!”  Sitting down, I promise myself that I will take time out to enjoy this moment at the river bank. A flock of gray and white birds fly overhead, making some ‘squawky’ sounds. They line up in a wondrous V formation. I look up at the azure blue sky and smile. Being in nature is having a positive and calming effect on me.

I see a set of steps leading to the beach. I rise and begin to follow the path which is lined by beautiful ginger red flowers, birds of paradise sunset red and orange hanging flowers, and thumburgia purple delicate flowers on a meandering vine. And there are various species of ferns and orchids. I descend, while savoring every moment. I smile and tell myself that I am so fortunate to be enjoying this quiet moment in time. I approach the bottom.

I looked around and saw the same kind of lush colorful beauty around me. I arrive at sea level and immediately ran to the pink sand beach and jump into the coolest, most refreshing water! I swam for what seemed like 15 minutes. 

I enjoy the moment, returning to my place of rest. It is there I saw  a few persons walking towards me while I frolic in the water. A man and woman walk up and say “hello”. I replied “hello, how are you?” The woman said, “enjoying the beauty of this perfect day.” “Have you seen any starfish, stingray or jellyfish today?” “Yes, I have seen some starfish, but luckily no jellyfish today.” Like me, they sat and stared out to sea. Soon, I felt the urge to begin walking back alone, so that I could enjoy the beautiful landscape, flora and fauna. “I will be leaving now, it was a pleasure meeting you both,” I said, and slowly walked away. -Guided Meditation by Sharon Parris-Chambers.

Repeat the above in the ‘third person’ as though are the Coach. This approach will have a profound impact by rewriting negative feelings with positive ones in your subconscious mind.  Begin with the following:  “You are happy and carefree, enjoying this moment in time down by the river… Repeat the above scenario.

I return to this conscious now moment, refreshed and rejuvenated. I smile easily and know that my joy is in each conscious moment spent being aware of nature around me, paying attention to people, places and things. I know intuitively that everything will work out in the fullness of time. If you must force something to happen, perhaps it won’t happen. Instead, just step back and allow the Universe to help you or orchestrate the desired outcome.

Affirmation: I remove the mist of my mind and find joy.


“When ego has retreated; obedience to truth emerge...
When Ego has Retreated Obedience to Truth Emerges


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