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Insource before you Outsource; Look within to your Source of all good. 


Insource before you Outsource. Look within to your source of all good.
By Sharon Parris-Chambers

Where would you be without your breath? Inhale and exhale take in the breath of life. This is your Insource which is breathing you, nourishing you, living life through you and expressing your divinity.

 Insource before you outsource. Look within. Take inventory of Self, inhale and exhale. Take in the breath of life. Center yourself in the quiet of your inner Temple.

Sacred Practice:

When you reinforce your sacred life practice daily, you manifest your destiny and enter Paradise.  Choose the right time to mediate daily. Follow up at that time every day and evening. Find yourself a quiet space and start breathing deeply. Take cleansing breaths, Deep, Deep breaths that brings in the Life Energy; use that life energy to create your world, not one of fear, but one of positivity, success and prosperity.

Sit in Zazen, quiet contemplative meditation. Use a mantra of your choice. You determine how long to sit based on your intuition.

 Journal your experience.

  Affirmation: I AM my Divine Self.

On Yoga Day: Be One With Creation
“What do you do to break down walls in your life?


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