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Imagine the life you want to live and then live it one moment at a time.


Imagine the life you want to live and then live it one moment at a time.

 - Sharon Parris-Chambers


Go ahead, create your own movie, the image of your life, the life you want to live every moment. Yes, see it so clear in your mind’s eye so that you can reach out and touch it.

You can begin right now, do not wait. You have waited long enough.

A quote comes to mind from the Sage Within, a book written by Theo Chambers, about the first female sage who lived in the village of Watanama, 25 thousand feet above sea level.  Goddess Farinah was honored with the name, The Anointed One because she dared to live her dream to become a sage in a village where only men were groomed to be sages. Upon being appointed and initiated the Grand Master of the Mystical Order of The Sages, The Anointed One declared “many Sages have argued that women had never been and could never be ordained since they were physically, mentally and spiritually inferior to men. Today, I call for the awakening of the Sage that is sleeping inside of every woman to rise and claim their rightful position as equal to all male on planet earth.” (Chambers, 2014)

Today, imagine the life you want to live and then live it one moment at a time. It is the same journey of the Anointed One in the fictional story. Rise to the occasion and allow your soul’s calling to stir within you and to manifest your destiny.

Sacred Practice:
Close your eyes, take a deep breath, exhale. Do this until you are feeling relaxed. Now, picture yourself happy, feeling joyful for no reason just to know that you are alive. See yourself in a field of lilies or lavender. Smell the radiant and relaxing fragrance. See the vibrant colors:  yellow, white, orange, peach, purple, pink and lavender. Feel the breeze blowing on your skin. Look ahead, notice the mineral spring nearby just below the hillside where you are. Walk towards it.  You are going downhill, one tier at a time. At each tier, you see a different vista. The mist of the mountains. The sunny skies below the clouds; the cool shade under the grove of trees. You are two tiers above the mineral spring. Down, you go; you see the butterflies and birds and their beautiful patterns & colors. Further down, you touch the soil of the banks and step into the cool water. There you sit and soak up the minerals; rejuvenating and healing your mind, body and soul.

Guided Meditation by Sharon Parris-Chambers

Now, as you relax, ask yourself these questions: What do I want most in life? What will I enjoy doing, even if I were not paid to do it? 
I suggest these questions because, you may lose the things of the world, but you would have gained something far more everlasting.

The joy, the happiness of being in a world that you create; peace, love and shared values is more meaningful than acquiring things.

You will ask Divine Spirit (God) to guide you and to open your consciousness to know your purpose. Stay alert, awake and you will be guided to your greatest good. The key is to trust in the universe and not to depend on your egotistic mind to provide the answers. If you do that, ego will lead you astray. Strengthen your defenses and become grounded in your own spiritual development now. Namastѐ

Affirmation: The beautiful life I envision has now manifested.

Let The Universe Live Through You
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