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Eternity is now; right now here.



The words of Wayne Dyer, author and transformational speaker, is a clarion call to the conscious: "Eternity is now. RIght now, right here, you're an infinite being."

Awaken to the reality of earthbound life. Your eternity is now, it is NOT what you die for and receive in heaven. Remove the mist from your mind, and see with clarity. Your future is unfolding one breath at a time. Your every thought, Your every vision and words create your reality. Do not give away your responsibility to chart your own course. You are the Captain of your ship, begin now by living in the awareness of this moment. You are the one that you have been waiting for. Yes! You. Create the vision of your success and play it out on the screen of your mind. Do it over and over again. Until it makes an indelible impression.

You will become what you dream and what you envision. There is no obstacle big enough to prevent your success. You can remove mountains of resistance with your determination and focus.

PRACTICE: Take deep breaths on arising, During the day, take 5 mins. out to do traffic control of the mind. Take inventory of what you are thinking and purge negative thoughts. Then begin to breathe deeply and consciously. Use this 5 mins. to see how effective mindfullness meditation can be. Repeat often throughout the day.

AFFIRMATION:  I live in this blissful eternal moment of the now.

Get out of Your Mind & Live from Consciousness
The only person preventing your success is you.


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