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When you see with your heart, you relieve the eyes of the lie of illusion and see with true clarity


When you see with your heart, you relieve the eyes of the lie of illusion and see with true clarity.

- Sharon Parris-Chambers

Your eyes reflect images that are transmitted by your thoughts. Change your thoughts and you change your vision. Cognitive and social psychologists say we have a sensory filter or ‘schemata’. Everything passes through that filter. Every human being has the same filter mechanism. Sometimes we choose to see things with ‘rose colored glasses’ and at other times, we just want the truth. Truth seekers want to really see, to break through the illusion and see with clarity. That’s when one turns to seeing with the heart, which never lies, it knows the soul’s journey and is the spirit guide.

Sacred Practice: Sit in a quiet place. Take some deep breaths, relax. Find the center of your being. Resonate in this awareness as a conscious sentient being. Continue taking deep breaths. Explore the thoughts of who is the “Secret Person of the Heart?” or “Who Am I as Consciousness or the Observer?” Write your thoughts in your journal.

Think of yourself as you truly are, as Consciousness, Energy and Vibration. The Force that is breathing you. Remove the thoughts of me, myself, mother, brother, sister, husband or wife right now. You are Consciousness. Moving and flowing in creation. You can take any form. You are boundless and you create effortlessly through your thoughts and imagination. You can always come to this place to restore, re-create, rejuvenate, revivify and resurrect your spirit. There is no lack here, the vibration of love and light abounds. Hold this conscious intention now and throughout the day. Return here any time you need inspiration and rejuvenation.

Affirmation: I see without illusions.


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