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What you are thankful for today expands into your tomorrow


Reflect today on what you are thankful for so that your blessings expand. Take time today to write a Gratitude List of all that you are thankful for. Let every thought resonate on giving thanks, remove fear, doubt and anxiety. Be totally immersed in gratitude.

Watch how this attitude expands and shifts your conscious awareness. Write your observations in your journal. Repeat for 30 days and watch your blessings expand exponently.

AFFIRMATION: I am thankful for all things, blessings and failures alike.


MANTRA/PRAYER: "Divine Spirit of my Higher Self, rid me of ego and the feeling of separation. Merge me with 
you who are my own self."
- Mooji

Get out of Your Mind & Live from Consciousness


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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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