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Question Everything Until you Arrive at Truth


Question everything until you arrive at Truth

By Sharon Parris-Chambers

The first question should be who am I? This is the fundamental quest of Truth Seekers for self-realization and the beginning of true knowledge.

Awareness of self as an energetic presence in the universe expressing in human form is key to living on purpose and to help others to do the same.

During your quiet meditation, question your Sage Within to find answers to burning issues needing resolution. Then listen, quietly for the answer, which sometimes appear when you least expect. Be prepared to stop, write it down and to take careful note.

Living life as a sacred practice means you find time for meditation, and invite your Divine presence to manifest in your life through sacred practices of prayer, meditation, fasting,chanting, drumming, poetry, inspired writing and drawing, etc. Affirmations are used to keep you grounded and connected to the Presence in which you live, breathe and have your existence.

Affirmation: In Divine presence, I live, breathe and have my existence. Ase!

"When you obstruct the flow of Divine Law of the U...


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