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“I AM Light and I AM Love.”


“I AM Light and I AM Love.”
-Sharon Parris-Chambers

Who am I? I am a being of light and love. No longer will I hide behind anyone or anything. My essence reflects the Divine Universe, the source of all light and life.

I will let my light shine so bright that all who gaze upon me will know my source and embrace the same life force that resides within them.

I AM Light and I AM Love. Light is love and Love is light. The two are one and the same, sometimes expressed differently but still the same.

Sacred Practice:

Sit quietly, breathing deeply, inhale and exhale. Repeat until you are very relaxed. See yourself surrounded by the power and transparence of golden light. Now become the Light. It is your original source. Imagine the sun, the stars, and their energies. Earth reflects the universe. The stars that collided, recreating themselves into new universes are in us. We are starlight. See it, believe it and become it. Remain in this state of consciousness for as long as you can.

Next, see yourself as love (See the color Rose reflective of the Heart Chakra the source of love and intuition.) Feel a vibration of warm energy surging through your being. I am speaking of Divine love, or universal love, which encompasses humanity as One Heart and One Self, yes, One Love. This love is not dependent on anyone or anything; it is the fullness and the totality of all there is. Open your heart center to this energy. See it, Feel it and Become it.

 Practice this every day and soon you will be filled with Light and Love, transforming and transcending from your physical essence into a spiritual one. Now share your Divine Love with every being on the planet, one heart at a time. 

Affirmation: I AM Light: I Feel it, See it and Become it.

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