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When we remain as our intrinsic selves, we stand firmly in our Truth as Divine beings.

When we remain as our intrinsic selves, we stand firmly in our Truth as Divine beings. - Sharon Parris-Chambers The idea of the human being comes under repeated attack by the ego within and without. Who is really being attacked? Is it the Self that is being attacked? Or is it the personality? These parts of the Self are blocking us from a deeper more meaningful experience of the Higher Self. Each perceived problem that arises is replaced by the next, resulting in an endless spiral of so-called problems. These constructs appear to be important, but they are not. Stay in the beingness of who you are as a Presence. When you empty the mind, you will feel a vibration that will replace belief. It is the essence of the Soul also known as the Presence. The mind can become like a lion. Do not let the lion pounce and devour you. Resist the impressions of the mind, the urgings and mindless chatter. Pacify the mind by retreating from it. Stay in the present moment. Can the disguises of the mind offer anything to the heart? Can it offer anything to the Self? The mind must serve the Self. Merge with your Self as a sentient and conscious being. Sacred Practice: Prayer: ‘Rid me of Ego’ Divine Spirit of my higher Self, rid me of ego and the feeling of separation. Merge me with you, who are my own Self. And so it is. -Mooji Affirmation: I am my transcendent Self
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