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When we are like water, nothing stops our flow

water-image3 When we are like water nothing, stops our flow.

When we are like water, nothing stops our flow.
 Sharon Parris-Chambers

Find a way over, under or around the obstacle. Water is fluid, flexible and changes its form to accommodate any object. It is a primary source of life, as important as the sun is on earth. But do you understand the hidden power of water?

Water has tremendous powers of healing. For centuries, people have used natural spas, a body of water known for healing and rejuvenation. Through practice you can discover how bathing in natural spring or ocean water can change your life. Examples are the healing attributes of thalassotherapy (ocean water baths), balneotherapy (thermal baths) and hydrotherapy (water spa treatments).

In the final analysis, we are energy and vibration at our core. Like water, we can find a way around any obstacle through the vibration of love. Stay in love and you will remain fluid, in alignment with the Universe. Ideas that you are seeking and solutions to problems offer themselves freely. Let love be a factor in your life as water is to the ocean.

Sacred Practice: Go to the ocean or river today. Immerse yourself in water, relax and be one with it. Become water. Fluid, buoyant and unbounded.

Nature’s water source is best. Just focus on the present moment. Watch the ebb and flow of nature before you.

Take note of the energy and vibration of water and be like water. It is you and you are water; it comprises 70% of your body. Take note of how you feel during and after immersion. Write your observations in your journal. This is your journey, make the best of it.

 AffirmationsI AM water and nothing stops my flow.

I live in the now moment of the eternal flow of life.



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