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"Stay connected to Chi or Prana through breath consciousness.”


"Stay Connected to Chi or Prana Through Breath Consciousness.”

 By Sharon Parris-Chambers
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This week we will focus on the Chapter on Breath consciousness in my book new Living Life as a Sacred Practice. I would like to hear from Truth seekers out there. Your comments are important to me.

Chi or Prana is universal breath consciousness.  You connect to it through deep breathing, through your meditations, through your thoughts.  Take in life energy and exhale unwanted feelings the more life energy you take in, the more positive, and healthy you become.

You may receive Chi or Prana energy through hands on application of Reiki healing, Pranic healing and other forms of energy healing. Holistic Massage is a healing system that can harness and apply Chi energy for relaxation and wellbeing.

Experiment with Chi energy stay connected and in tune with universal consciousness.

Sacred Practice: When you reinforce your sacred life practice daily, you manifest your destiny and enter Paradise.  Choose the opportune time to meditate daily. Find a quiet space and start breathing deeply. Take cleansing breaths, Deep, Deep breaths that recharges the Life Energy. Use that life energy to create your world, not of fear, but positivity, success and prosperity.

For Reiki practitioners: When in a relaxed state, apply Reiki energy to create feelings of wellbeing and balance.

Affirmation: My breath is my beloved.

Journal your experiences.
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Thursday, 07 December 2023

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