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My Breath is my Constitution for Living


Where would you be without your breath? Your breath is your constitution for living. It is your source that is animating you; breathing you. Feel the breath surging through you, giving you energy and vitality. When the breath or Chi (Ki) is blocked, then dis-ease sets in. It is important to keep the breath of life circulating freely and forcefully in your body.

When you stop breathing, are you anxious, frightened or angry? Oftentimes, we do not breathe evenly and rhythmically for a host of reasons, some of which are understandable. We need to be mindful of our breathing patterns and correct them.

Become more conscious of your breath that is breathing you. Enjoy the fullness of life, take deep breaths. Find the joy of living, find happiness through developing your relationship with the Divine universe, one breath at a time.


Sacred Practice: Try Reiki therapy and feel the energy flow through your entire body. Reiki can help balance your chakras (seven main energy vortexes within the spinal column that regulates body functions and emotions). Ask the therapist to direct the energy to any areas of pain in your body. Feel the response. While receiving Reiki, enjoy the Reiki/Zen music that is offered during the therapy and just relax into the flow of energy that is directed to your body. Accept it openly. Try Reiki again and other forms of energy therapies such as Pranic Healing, Quantum touch, Hands On healing and you will find one with which you resonate. Apply it regularly to balance your Chakras. Journal your experiences.


AffirmationI AM one with my breath which breathes me.


I Embrace me and Love me
When we are like water, nothing stops our flow


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Friday, 01 March 2024

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