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Mindfulness Meditation is a Misnomer


Mindfulness Meditation is a Misnomer
Living Life as a Sacred Practice: Discover Yourself as a Soure of Creation

By Sharon Parris-Chambers

When you are in your mind no meditation can take place. In fact, until you get out of your mind, you do not stand a chance!

Upon reflection, 'Mindfulness Meditation' therefore is a misnomer and should not be used to describe the bliss of entering into meditation and experiencing the gap between thoughts. The goal is not to be active but effortlessly following the breath into a relaxed state of mind and body.

Can we break away from the jargons and the pretty descriptions for this meditative activity and just let it flow like the river flows to the sea? As the river flows, it always finds its target, so should our meditative process, find bliss.  Its sacred purpose is to experience the emptiness of the Infinite.

The quality of your meditation is dependent on you, what you want out of it, as in experience, not in the sense of a bargain, the time you allow, the thoughts you allow to break through and the environment you choose. We cannot always have quietude when we sit or stand in meditation, so we should practice being still in any situation. With practice, you will enter into meditation easier and without hindrance. Your intention should be clear; you should be relaxed. If you have a smile on your face, then you are ready to drop all your anxieties and just let go.

Are you ready to get out of your mind?

SACRED PRACTICE: Peace Be Unto You (Living Life as a Sacred Practice, Parris-Chambers, 2018. Pg. 141)

Retreat to your Temple of Inner Peace, go inward to your inner sanctuary. Focus on your breath; use breathing exercises to move the breath and allow these words to transport you to higher consciousness: There is quiet there, an ocean of peace and tranquility permeates your consciousness. You are one with it. There is no separation. You escape your troubles in body and mind. You are pure energy and vibration. You think thoughts and they manifest in physical form. You emanate light; You are transformed into your subtle body. You are light, your original source.

Stay in this consciousness until you are ready to return to the now.

Affirm your Divine good by saying: “I am a Divine being, a point of light and reflection of the Divine Universe.”

Repeat the Peace Mantra“I AM Peace Flowing unbounded in the universe.” Repeat for as long as you desire. Record your experience of this practice.

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