By Sharon Parris-Chambers, author of Living Life as a Sacred Practice available at

The universe is looking behind my eyes.  The universe is living within me. If there is no person, then there is no ego. When you look at me you should see God. Your being should be a facet of God.

The challenge is how to maintain this state of beingness. Daily, find time to empty your mind of all preconceived ideas and be free. Allowing only positive thoughts to fill your consciousness. Delight in not knowing everything not being right all the time, smiling more and caring more about yourself and your neighbors. Focus on the oneness of the universe and being within that rhythm. Accepting the flow of life, without wanting to control, you allow the universe to be in the driver’s seat directing your life to its highest good. Enjoy the ride!

Sacred Practice: Find time to be one with nature. Breathing in the breath of life and manifesting your destiny one sacred breath at a time. Begin now, in a relaxed position seated or standing in crouching pole position legs bent and back straight as a 'pole (mystical qigong). Breathe in, exhale, relax and repeat this for 10 minutes. Repeat set for another 10 minutes.

Affirmation: I am one with the universe; the universe is in me and I am in the universe. We are one, we are bound, we are inseparable (G. Ashby)