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Let the sun shine in you


 Greetings of the Season to all
Sharing Self-help and Spiritual development practices from my new book 
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When you awaken and take in the breath of life, you become animated with the life source.When there is no sunshine, only darkness, the sun's light-giving energy and warmth is missed. Let the sun shine in you this day. Whether it is cloudy or sunny outside. May your

Inner vision be clear, bright and full of light. Live from the inside out and discover the real you.Life’s external vision of you is not your reality. Your reality is created with every breath and Every smile you offer, which allows the sun to arise and illuminate your being.


When you sit in silence, begin your inhalations and exhalations with a smile.When you begin your qigong or yoga exercises; let the sun shine in you.

Let the sun shine in you and extend its rays to everyone who comes within your presence.You are a sun, a source of light and life. You are a microcosm of the universe. Being a Creative source, you allow your light to shine and your brilliance touch every soul.


Practice: Upon arising face the morning sun or in the evening face the evening sun soak in its rays and give thanks for your life and all life. Assume qigong standing meditation pose for 10-15 mins. or longer and relax into your being. Continue with yoga stretches and upon completion. Journal your experiences.

Affirmation: I am the sun and the sun is in me.


“I AM a Divine Being Transmitting Divine Love.”
“When ego has retreated; obedience to truth emerge...


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Monday, 22 July 2024

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