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I AM Peace Flowing unbounded in the universe


I AM Peace Flowing unbounded in the universe
Ma'at Values to live By - Peace

-By Sharon Parris-Chambers

Recognizing your essence as energy and vibration, you become aware of yourself as a wave, amid an ocean of peace.

You allow nothing to affect your energetic flow. Day by day you live as a sentient being of conscious awareness and love. Harbingers of doom do not disturb you. Deaths, wars and crime do not alter your peace. You remain at equilibrium. 

Disturb your thought patterns and you begin to adversely affect the world. Don’t project into the world the chaos and evil it has fed your mind.

Mental poisoning is a reality, a truth of which truth seekers are aware.

Taking time for meditative practice daily to empty the mind of fear, anxiety, hatred and discord will lead you closer to Divine consciousness, peace and love.

Moving from an ‘earth-bound’ consciousness to ‘Divine’ consciousness is the Shift that needs to take place now. Once you have reached this point of awareness, the task is to

Live from the subtle regions of consciousness and not from the dictates of the restless mind.

Sacred Practice: Affirm your Divine good with these words: “I am a Being of Peace and Love, I reflect that which I AM, not the rubbish from the world view of who I am. I AM a Divine being, a point of light and reflection of the Divine Universe. “

Peace MantraI AM Peace Flowing unbounded in the universe. (Repeat as often as needed.)

SOURCE: Excerpt from "Living Life as a Sacred Practice: DIscover Yourself as a Source of Creation." | |
Publisher: Temple of Inner Peace - 876-275-3169

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