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Give Yourself as a Present to Humanity


Give Yourself as a Present to Humanity
By Sharon Parris-Chambers

Excerpt from New Book: "Living Life as a Sacred Practice" Available on

During this New Year begin to focus on accepting yourself for who and what you really are. Today, acknowledge your presence as a present to humanity. Your presence is not an accident. Some may believe so and some may not.

Your divinity before your physical manifestation determined your incarnation on earth and your purpose. When you manifested in physical form, you forgot your Divine nature. That is why truth seekers stress knowing your purpose. When you remember your purpose and focus on it, you begin to reconnect to your Divine Self and your soul’s journey.

Excessive Pride, Fame, Materialism and Greed are not Divine attributes and will lead you down a path far from realizing your true potential. When your intention is set on discovering your true potential and capacity for greatness, you recognize that your presence is a present, A GIFT to humanity.

Today, make the shift from earthbound to Divine. Live life from the inside out. Actively choose meditation to find answers to life’s troubles. Depression, anger, and self-medication are not viable answers. Through daily reflection you begin to understand the forces that are hindering your God-given abilities.


Sacred Practice: Sit in a quiet place, clear your mind of distractions. Begin to breathe, taking long inhalations and then long exhalations. When you begin to feel relaxed, create in your mind’s eye a picture of happiness, joy and laughter. Recall moments in time that took your breath away. Saturate your mind with these pleasant images. Just be in this moment.

Ego distractions always appear when you sit for meditation. Just be in this moment. Create your intentions for the day, ask your questions, such as: “What is my purpose in life?” “What am I to do and how am I to do it?” Continue to sit in meditation and the answers will come, if not then, later. But they will.

Write down the thoughts and answers to your questions. Do this every day and night to develop the pattern of listening to your Higher Self, your Divine Self.

Affirmation: My presence is a Divine Gift.



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