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Get out of your conscious mind to discover who you truly are.


 “Just for a minute, lose yourself, get out of your conscious mind; then you can discover who you really are.”
By Sharon Parris-Chambers
Excerpt from Book "Living Life as a Sacred Pratice:
Discover yourself as a Source of Creation"
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It is essential in this fast-paced world that we develop coping mechanisms to slow the ‘monkey mind’ jumping from one thing to another without any closure. Taking time for reflection, meditation and even day-dreaming yields significant results. One must take time for personal retreats.

Spend a day being in and interacting with nature. Sit under a tree or hug a tree, reflect on your feelings and reactions; just be in the moment. You will be rejuvenated and renewed. Use a journal to capture your experiences.

In a past retreat, students were instructed to go out, find a tree, hug it and interact with it in some way. They returned to the group and shared their experiences. A woman with cancer and nerve issues went and sat under a guanabana (soursop tree). It turned out that was exactly the fruit she needed, unknown to her, to treat her ailments. The overall results of this retreat were so profound and insightful that I am encouraged now to ask you to repeat this practice.

Sacred Practice:

Take 15 to 30 minutes daily to lose yourself in nature, vacate your conscious mind and find your true ego-less self. If at first you cannot empty the mind, just persist by walking in nature and being enthralled by the things around you. Refrain from judgment. Just be. Next, find a tree, hug it and begin to interact with it. Allow yourself to be open and free to receive all impulses and vibrations. Journal your experiences.



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