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Experience Divine Enlightenment Right Now!

enlightenment1 Experience Divine Enlightenment Now

Experience Divine Enlightenment Right Now!

by Sharon Parris-Chambers

You can have the Christ mind, Buddha mind or mind of Krishna right now. Let go of fear and walk in Divine light. Commitment to truth and obedience to Spirit will lead you to enlightenment.

Awaken from your slumber and transcend to a new level of awareness. Experience Divine light and love when you listen to the still small voice within guiding you to your ultimate good. Go ahead, listen with an open heart and you will hear it.  It is a vibration; a conscious lifestyle. Just open your heart and trust Divine spirit. You will awaken to a whole new world. The awakening experience is called Satori. In fact, you can spend your whole life seeking Satori, and never really ‘find’ it. ‘Why’ do you ask? Because Satori is experienced during each moment of awareness.

Sacred Practice: Contemplate a Koan of your choice.

Note: Koans are an ancient tradition of stories, phrases, poems or statements that were identified, though the years, for their transformational ability.  Sometimes a koan is a recounting of the circumstances that lead to the awakening of a particular student.  Sometimes they shock.  Sometimes they confuse, but always, the koan interacts with something deeper than the mind.  

A koan may appear non-nonsensical, but a koan is not a riddle or a puzzle.  It cannot be solved by understanding it.  Only when it opens you up to something new about your true nature, when something in you shifts in response, will you become intimate with the koan. 

Sit in Zazen while assuming the lotus posture. Choose a koan. Contemplate.

         When the many are reduced to one, to what is the one reduced?

         When you can do nothing, what can you do?

         What is your original face before you were born

Create one of your own Koan

(The Buddhaful Tao, 2012)

Write your answers in your journal. All answers are relevant. It is the experience that matters most.

Affirmation: I live in the Chi of life and walk in Divine light.

I AM Peace Flowing unbounded in the universe
I AM life’s expression of the Divine universe.


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