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Claim More Beauty, Bounty and Prosperity in Your Life


I claim the beauty, bounty and prosperity the universe has in store for I and I self.  I am part of a bountiful universe which says all I am seeking is seeking me.

I suffer no lack or limitation; the Source is limitless.  Universal Law is immutable, it is what it is. When you act in accordance you will be rewarded and when you do not you will feel the effects in mind body and spirit. Remain in a state of gratitude and keep the door to your prosperity open.

Spiritual beauty is not skin deep; it is soul deep and found within the confines of the conscious being.
There is no obsession with surface beauty. Bleaching the skin or remaining brainwashed cannot help you. Your true beauty is a natural component of your beingness, experienced one moment at a time. It is not contrived, rather, it blooms out of a rich spirit built on a solid foundation.

Awareness and knowing that you are a spiritual being, a creation of the universe and a child of God is that solid foundation. Understanding your Divine purpose helps you to manifest your destiny.

Daily meditation is a practical way to still the mind and learn more about our greatness within. Make meditation a regular part of your sacred practice and begin to live life as a Source of creation not a piece of creation. Manifest your destiny one breath at a time.

Sacred Practice: Write your Gratitude List

Upon awakening daily, write down at least 10 things that you are grateful for. At the end of the week review all entries and enjoy the feeling of great joy, fulfillment and prosperity that humility and gratitude bring.

During the day, stop, quiet your mind, then, take 15 minutes at a time to reflect on a mantra or affirmation of your choosing. 

Affirmation: I claim beauty, bounty and prosperity in my life



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