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Are you Ready to Explore the Inner You?


Are you Ready to Explore the Inner You?
By Sharon Parris-Chambers

When we contemplate the Who am I question, we are answering the soul’s urge to know itself experientially. To know through action and deed. The discussion is not speaking about knowing something or someone. The discussion is focused on knowing who you are as a sacred being. So, when you ask the question “Who am I?” It should trigger a search for the innermost you.

Who you think you are is shaped by your socialization, your environment, your beliefs and parents; it may not represent the true you? Take time daily to explore the inner you. You can never be too busy. After all, when your job, the children and external things are put aside, what remains? You and who you

think you are remains. Are you happy and content? Or are you restless, wishing to have time to explore life and do the things that really excite you. You can stop the speeding train, your life, get off and begin where you are to experience your life, one breath at a time. Find a quiet place. Take a minute, yes, right now. Close your eyes and just breathe. Take deep inhalations and deep exhalations. Relax. Enjoy the feeling of your breath breathing you. Entertain no thoughts at this moment. Just relax into your being. This is mindfulness meditation with the aim of relaxing our mind and body.  

Think about the things that you want to explore but thought you could not make a living at: Traveling the world , maybe as a photographer or photojournalist, travel writer, becoming an artist, art curator, food critic, professional Chef, fashion designer, lecturer, etc.

Get up, push the greatness button ‘ON’ inside and take action. Once you feel the exhilaration and energy release, you will keep going. Listen to this inner surge or motivation and it will take you to new pathways of success you never imagined. Step out of your shell and allow the Sage Within to lead you to your greatest self Now. You, no one else, hold the key to your greatness.

Sacred Practice:  Follow Your Breath. Go to Page 141 in Living Life as a Sacred Practice.

Take the next 30 minutes to relax your body by taking some deep breaths. Go deep within. Follow your breath. Take strong even breaths, relax after each one. Welcome the godhead or goddess of your being and say: “I am ready to explore the spiritual me.” Allow your inner vision to take over your physical faculties and explore the hidden you. Ask questions and listen for the answers which will arise in you as a palpable feeling, a voice, image or impression. Make a point to remember to journal your experience when you return from your adventure. These regular practices will transform you into your spiritual self.

Affirmation: I and my Breath are One.

Mindfulness Meditation is a Misnomer


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